Our Meetings and Festive Board

Our formal meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of November, December, January, March, April and May.

The November meeting is a special one as we install the Worshipful Master and his officers at that meeting. At the other meeting we welcome new members to Masonry or we ‘promote’ current members up the levels of Masonry. Whatever the business of the meeting is, we amend what happens in the meeting and there are often new things to learn, or if you are new, to watch and admire, and learn another day. After the meeting we have the Festive Board.

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Festive Board

As well as the main meeting, there are two additional ‘minor meetings’ which precede the actual meeting. In the previous week, usually on the Thursday, we meet again at our usual location but for a “Lodge of Instruction”. Not everyone comes to this meeting, but it’s the place to learn wat the rituals actually mean in the next meeting.

It is informal, probably with the attendees, drink in hand, chatting informally and learning from the experienced Brethren in the Lodge Setting.

The other meeting is held two days before the main meeting. This is the rehearsal and anyone with a role to play on the Wednesday needs to attend this meeting. It starts around 7.30pm having met in the bar for a swift one before the meeting starts.

At the rehearsal the Director of Ceremonies works with everyone to help them with their words, their position in the Lodge for the ritual and how they would move around the Lodge and interact with other members (usually called the “Lodge Workings”.

This meeting usually lasts a couple of hours, although it has to be admitted, some of the meeting is chatting and banter rather than being full on.

It’s the actual meeting a couple of days later where you really need to put your best foot forward (it’s the left foot by the way, more to be revealed when you join)

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