What does it cost

What does is cost to be a Grey Friars Mason?

Like any organisation you join, there are some costs. These cover all sorts of things like membership administration, subscriptions to the United Grand Lodge, charges that relate to the buildings we use, costs of eating and so on.

So, when you join, there are the joining fees. These can be paid right away or by setting up a standing order to pay them in four instalments.

The initiation fee is £359.40 (including your first annual fee), but this is reduced to £271.20 if you are lucky enough to be under 25 years old.

Each future year you are a member, the annual fee is £195, which is reduced to £160 for those (still) under the age of 25 (fees do increase a little bit every few years).

When you come to the meetings (there are just 6 per year) you will probably want to eat with the Brethren at the Festive Board and this varies depending on what’s on offer.  You do not have to stay for dinner, but you would be missing out on a great part of the evening. The menu is set for the evening…it is what you are getting, unless you have any special dietary requirements and let the secretary know at least 10 days before the meeting (allergens, gluten-free, diabetic, religious restrictions, etc) .

Masonic Gloves
Festive Board

A couple of examples in 2020 were the following menus:

Menu 1

  • Starter: Haggis, tatties and neeps with whisky gravy
  • Main Course: Braised steak and dumplings with Chef’s choice of potatoes and seasonal vegetables
  • Dessert: Traditional Cranachan with raspberries, whisky, oats, honey, double cream and a shortbread biscuit
  • Price: £27.50

Menu 2

  • Starter: Creamed chicken and mushroom soup
  • Main Course: Poached salmon with parsley sauce
  • Dessert: Individual bread & butter pudding
  • Price: £25.50

But what about Charity? What is your contribution? Each evening we have a collection, its called the Broken Column, you put in whatever you like. Many bring along all the change they have collected since the last meeting, those coins that sit in a bowl at home, some might be able to afford to put a £5 or £10 note, but it is all up to you, put in what YOU can afford, it is secret anyway. The Broken Column donations can be done using Gift Aid, if you are an eligible UK tax payer.

But at the Festive Board, that’s the chance to win prizes. These prizes are donated by some members and often include a bottle of whisky, some wine (please don’t get the wrong impression of us Masons… it is probably the right impression), some regifting of some unwanted present, occasionally a box of donuts, chocolates or biscuits. Raffle tickets are £1 each or if you buy five, you get a whole strip at no discount whatsoever. But remember, all the money goes to charity.

Oh yes, we do have a licensed bar with some real ales, some fizzy lagers, wine, spirits and some even have soft drinks or bottled water! Might need to have some money for a quick drink between the meeting ending and being called for dinner.

In the bar looking serious
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