Why Greyfriars?

Tradition and continuity are two of the values which characterise the relationship between Freemasonry and universities.

It was nearly 200 years ago that the first university Lodge, Apollo University Lodge, was founded at Oxford, with Isaac Newton University Lodge following soon afterwards at Cambridge.

Grey Friars Lodge 1101, being based in Reading, has for over 10 years looked to students and staff at the University of Reading to recruit new member and many of our past and current members are have come from or have links to the University.

We also welcome anyone studying anything, including Junior Doctors at the Royal Berks, to anyone doing any post school education, plus anyone who graduated anywhere else and has now moved to the Reading/Wokingham area.

Several of our Worshipful Masters since 2003 have actually joined while University of Reading undergraduates and worked their way all the way up to the chair at the top of the Lodge. Others have joined, moved up through the ranks and when graduating have joined a different Lodge near their new home or work. Greyfriars 1101 remains their ‘mother Lodge’ and many retain an Associate Membership but actually transfer to their new Lodge. This is not restricted to the UK either, several have moved abroad or returned home and been welcomed as a Mason.

Greyfriars Lodge Reading 1101
GreyFrairs at Freshers Fayre Uni Of Reading

For the last 6 years, Grey Friars have attended Freshers Fayre and each year a few first year students have joined the Lodge, as we can get special dispensation (and a small discount off the fees for under 25s) for members to join aged 18, where the usual joining age for Freemasons is 21 (yes, we know, the “21” bit is somewhat “old skool”)

So while at Uni, joining Grey Friars is the perfect opportunity to get off campus, meet some new people of all ages, do something completely different and actually get introduced and enjoy Freemasonry. It could be something (and we hope it is) something you continue to enjoy for the rest of your life!

Our membership includes undergraduates, postgraduates, senior members of the University of Reading and alumni, ranging 18 years old upwards.

It is important to mention, the University of Reading obviously knows we are a “University Lodge”, but we are not part of the University, nor are we an official society of the University and we are not funded by the University.

So what you waiting for, drop us an email today, or look for us on LinkedIn or Facebook and send us a message.

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